Just Above the Ceiling Tiles

February 15, 2008
Just above the ceiling tiles,
In a world of pipes and cables,
Lives a fearsome, malicious monster,
Hideous and well worthy of fables.

It’s got horrible powers that it loves to abuse,
Like mind control and invisibility,
It feeds of all the misery of students,
And loves to destroy mental stability.

It wanders the halls pushing and tripping,
Elbowing and stepping on toes,
It causes jams then sits back to watch
As traffic slows and frustration grows.

It uses mind control to convince the teachers
To increase our homework load,
And with a snicker turns up the AC,
Whenever It learns that it’s snowed.

It strews ketchup packets all over the floor,
Stomping on them with great zest,
It slyly and silently slips into classrooms
And changes the date for the test.

The locker room is one of its favorite haunts,
Switching shirts and stealing single shoes,
It rearranges the room numbers by various doors,
Laughing at freshmen as panic ensues.

So don’t blame the teachers, don’t blame the school,
For all your traumas and trials,
It’s just the monster acting up once again,
Before it goes back above the tiles.

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