Then Somehow

June 12, 2011
What happened to high school sweethearts?

What happened to look at someone and not fearing falling apart?

When a word was all it took for something to start?

And Not feeling so stupid but feeling smart

About what you did? being with them?

No feeling stupid for loving him...

Why is everything not so simple anymore?

Why can't we sit in the floor

Holding hands and talk

Or we could go on one of those walks

Where it's fall and the leaves are falling down

The crunching is the only sound

Or sit at the bar in a dinner sharing a coke

But instead we end up with our hearts broke

We end up on the phone with our best friend crying all night

Instead of watching each other in the moonlight

Go back to the time when the guy gave his girl his Letterman coat

Or sailing in a little wooden boat

When did love become sex

When did breaking up meant hating your ex

Love is so complicated now

Why can't we go back to then somehow?

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