Life's Lesson

February 15, 2008
By Cody Kitazumi, Milpitas, CA

When you have that one special person,

That you cherish and adore,

The one and only that gives you the support and strength to carry on.

When all hope is lost,

She will be there to break the ice and give you hope,

Hope that shields you from the darkness within your heart.

And when you think everything in your life is so perfect,

She stands up and leaves you,

Tears fill your eyes and your life is ruined.

You call her and discover,

She left for one reason,

You didn’t do enough for her.

Crying and screaming every night for her to return,

Just because you didn’t do enough,

So this leads to you final lesson.

Cherish every moment you get,

Do the best to your ability to make every moment the best,

And after all everyone should live life to its fullest.

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