June 9, 2011
By , Grand Rapids, MI
Graduation was I time I always waited for.
Hoping it would soon come knocking on the door.
And here it was
At the door.
Though it truly was a bore.
The band had played "the" song
(boy, that lasted long).
The graduates names were called
While the parents balled and balled.
Beside the stage I stood,
Hoping my hair looked good,
Waiting to give my speech,
As the class president
Who had never been impeached.
The announcement was made, my name was called.
Darn! I was hoping they would have stalled.
I walked fast to the stage,
Because I never delayed,
Thinking, "here I go!
Time for the show!"
"Well, class, here we are.
We pushed though, like shooting stars.
Stars rising above and doing our best.
These past years have been a fest.
Though the class clowns
Made us look down,
We still made do.
And in college, we will, too.
Through all the ups,
Through all the downs.
Through all the rumors gone around.
We stayed together,
We worked as one.
So congratulations class, we're done!"
Hats flew up everywhere.
Cheers "wooed" here,
Cheers "wooed" there.
And in the mist of it all, there I was.
Happy my high school years were done.

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