Life's Struggles

February 14, 2008
Life is full of struggles,
And sometimes you wanna quit.
But i'm telling you now,
That you can handle it.
You weren't given this life just to let it go,
God gave you this life because he already knows.
Life is full of struggles,
And we all know,
So don't let today's problems,
get to tomorrow.
And like usual situations,
people change.
People change so you can learn to let go.
Things go wrong so you appreciate when they are right.
People make mistakes so you can learn from them.
Problems come just as much as they go.
People lie so you can eventually learn the truth.
Life has struggles,
That's how it is,
So don't think that's how the rest of your life's going to be lived.
Because throughout your life you will learn to know,
That life's struggles come and go.

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