My one and only

June 7, 2011
By nicolelecoq BRONZE, Rention, West Virginia
nicolelecoq BRONZE, Rention, West Virginia
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From head to toe your appearance leaves me in awe,
Especially your sexy chizzled jaw.
Nothing compares to when I am in your embrace,
I would do anything just to see your pretty face.
Although you are no Hulk,
You are still lean and bulk.
When I am not with you my heart aches in pain,
But I cannot deny that you are not worth this, so I will try not to complain.
Everything you do makes me smiley,
Your sweet laughter makes me overjoyed as if I just saw Miley.
When pain overwhelms me I yearn towards you,
Looking for a significant clue.
I would join the circus for you,
If it was the only way I could make you laugh.
I would do anything for you.
Even if it meant traveling across the pacific ocean in a paddle boat,
Just to tell you, I love you.
All it takes is a touch of your hand,
And you give me butterflies that send me to heaven.

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