The Child

January 13, 2008
By Holly Bunzeluk, Redford, MI

There is a child,
sad beyond belief.
She shouldn't be this way,
they say.
A child should be vibriant,
She is one of few that
can see.
She sees so much pollution,
but can't find the solution.
Feelings of uselessness,
she tries to shake them, but can't.
Another failure.
She can hear
gunshots ring, people sream,
and worse,
sudden silence.
So much violence.
She's empathetic, but
only feels pathetic.
Evil, pain, war,
she can hardly take it anymore.
She hopes for peace,
for all the pain to cease.
The broken earth,
it breaks her heart.
She would do anything,
but where to start?
The child hugs herself,
sinks to her knees.
No comfort here,
or anywhere.
To save the world.
Such a high calling.
She is only falling
into despair.
Why does no one else care?

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