I Think...

January 13, 2008
I think it'd be quite funny
If my Physics teacher looked like a bunny
And hopped around on one foot all day
And liked to laugh and sing and play.
I think it'd be quite wild
If my English teacher was a 4 year-old child
And played with her food and barely spoke
And laughed at every knock-knock joke.
I think it'd be quite strange
If my Biology teacher lived on the range
And wore a hat and carried rope
And never washed her hands with soap.
I think it'd be quite weird
If my Chinese teacher had a beard
And never shaved and let it grow
And it'd hang from her chin to her toe.
I think it'd be quite bizarre
If my History teacher was a famous rock star
And listened to music and played the bass
And carried albums in her briefcase.
I think it'd be quite queer
If my math teacher was a gondolier
And lived in Venice and paddled a boat
And sang love songs as she stayed afloat.
I think I'd like school a whole lot more
If things were different from before
And the world was run the way I think
And men could fly and were colored pink
And planes would fall and ships would sink
And goodness would spread and evil would shrink
And people would smile and wave and wink.
That's what I think.

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