Paper Healing

January 12, 2008
By Bozesan Petru - Ionut, Gherla, ZZ


Paper healing

Searching through paper dreams
Trying to heal your wounds
Unknowing that you can’t learn your feelings
From others points of view.


Soul highway

After all…
My soul is just a highway
In which a accident took place
Endless lines of fellings
Waiting to speed up…
To reach their destination
After all…
My soul in now
Just a traffic jam
Still waiting for someone
To call 112.


Grave of our happiness

I’m waching you dying…. every day
The curse of our memoryes
Hunting us…and
Keeping our happiness in lead coffins
Only hope lieing to us shameless
That some day it would let it out



We started buildind or own myth ,
Which ended up like Oedip’s
I went like Orfeus in the dark
To bring you back , but I looked behind
We are still looking in the maze
… that line that would bring happiness
12 works for you I would do ,
20 years if would wait to see me again
For all we had …for all that had been
To Delfi I went to see what would be ,
Now I’m just waiting for time to meet destiny
This myth is just tragedy
For every you , for every me .



Here we are…
Just a pur white paper
Waiting for everyone around
To mark us with colors
In time ending up
A shadow of the rainbow
All black and infested ,
By the society in wich we live,
Learnig how to paint…


Don’t know …..

I'm here now ....don't know how...unconscious states is all I know ...snow is red is is nothing ....pretend is true...from all is worth...from all you see...something is rotten ... you & me...let's lose or bodies so we can be...nothing more than happily .

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