I Am From..

June 7, 2011
By , So. Plainfield, NJ
I am from a busy street to a quiet neighborhood.
I am from a tall tree in my messy backyard that made the perfect clubhouse.
From a big Barbie Doll bus I couldn't live without to my cell phone that took its place.
I am from being scared to go near the edge of a pool to diving in without fear in my mind.
I am from quiet and shy to noisy and out of control.
From loving to be a spoiled only child to having a blast with my crazy siblings.
From being scared to try new things to eating anything anyone offered.
I am from C's and D's to A's and B's.
From watching Spongebob to Degrassi.
From puppy posters on my bedroom walls replaced with Justin Bieber ones.
I am from always active and playing to relaxing and texting.
From protective parents that keep me grounded.
I am from a small white appartment to a yellow two family home.
From flowers and butterflies decorating my room.
I am from arguing with everyone about anything possible.
From Costa Rica and Italy.
From my grandma's house filled with laughing, screaming, crazy cousins.
I am from a creepy house that makes creaking noises.
Fromo Dr. Suess to Stephenie Meyer.
From a loud fish tank, running refridgerator, and barking dog.
I am from a small kitchen with very little space to cook.
From Niagara Falls and Disney World.
From a turtle I thought was a frog.
I am from my first friends Rahul and Brianna.
I am from a loving family.

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