I Am From...

June 7, 2011
By Anonymous

I am form my amazing yellow house/I am from the great relatives that have raised me inside it/I am from playing in my yard with my friends/I am from playing pokemon on my little gameboy/I am from my small quiet room/I am from the values that have been passed on to me/I am from JFK Elementary School/I am from what I have been taught throughout the years/I am from my early friends that I met/I am from my early friends that I met/I am from my favorite tiny toy cars/I am from going to the beach and playing in the sand/I am from our annual trips to Dorney Park/I am from seeingthe spectacular fireworks in Disney/I am from my early teachers and their teachings/I am from burning my arm with hot tea/I am from playing outside in the hot summer days/I am from drinking hot chocolate in the chilly winter days/I am from shoveling snow from my driveway/I am from the great holidays/I am from track

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A life story

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