A Story For the Books

June 7, 2011
By gaaaby69 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
gaaaby69 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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A dark room, a cold wall, a jail cell for my mind. A story for the ages, speaking of my crime. Breathing in and out of sync, heart beating out of time. You make me jump off the highest roof, drown in the deepest sea. Nothing seems impossible, not when you're with me. Your influence keeps me grounded, yet you leave me high. You give me a paint brush, with golden wings, so that I may paint the sky. Like colors on a canvas, a great creation you are. But the story ends in a jail cell, surrounded behind bars. I crashed, I burned, you left and I cried. I dried my tears and said goodbye. Until we meet again, one day- you'll see. Until my next trip, just you and me.

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