June 7, 2011
By , Berlin, Germany
I hear a little voice in my heart
Telling me that nothing will ever keep us apart
No matter how far or how close
You will always be the one that my soul and mind will hold.

Now I’m sitting here thinking of you,
Hoping that one day I will make it through
Memories keep on racing in my head
While my sad tears roll down my cheeks which my eyes now and then shed.

In the beginning I knew that I saw something special in your sparkling hazel eyes
I felt like your lost present waiting to be opened in surprise.
You’re a person with so much love and care
Losing you would be my greatest and deadliest fear.

You are sweet with such tender love that I miss much more than anything else
You took out my confidence which was hidden long in a closed up shell.
Your warm smile with your cute dimples give me joy for the happiness that you share
Many things were done that showed your love was really pure and sincere.

But know…. when I look up in the sky and picture your face
I feel as if I’ve landed in a cold and tormented place.
Now you only appear in my lost thoughts and good dreams
I have realized that keeping the promise forever is much more difficult than it seems.

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