Heartless Joker

May 29, 2011
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You were like the lead guitarist, and she is the strings
Set up and ready to be played.
Believing lies, pushing away the beloved doubters
Becoming someone else, to be with you.
But other plans were to take place.

At the ball, you danced and sang
A masquerade, but you didn’t need a mask.
The devil’s darkness was painted in your blood,
Seeping through your intentions,
Like the leaking of the thickest artery.
She was the innocent, lured by your glitter.

With a dagger hiding so sweetly behind your back.
You took her love as a game of poker.
Dealing you the hand with all the hearts, including hers.
And cheated her with the Spade up your sleeve.

You were the King of her Queen of hearts
Tainted by the lust of difference on both sides of the barb,
When a sugar sweet murder took place
In the wonderful palace of make believe
Our lovely Queen falls in her own pool of tears,

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