Sorrow to This

January 12, 2008
By kristen pickren, Danielsville, GA

So tenderly I loved you, so sincerly, yet death has taken my name, I must die at last tis best. The secret trickling of tears flow behind my dark veil. Yet you never saw for eyes have their silence, her innocense closing her eyes. How do I love thee? When pain and sorrow is my only lover, our love so huge, so hopless to conceive. My body in darkness darling, Death shall take me in his arms. His eyes something artistic, hypnotized. I hold to your fingers, but they turn dry flowers and flow to my tormented valley. I turn to weep and weep and weep until the peaceful air to fill my silent heart, lie still and break. With silence and tears, in this last kiss I here surrender thee, oh this true comfort.

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