Feel the Grass

January 12, 2008
Feel the grass, no longer soft and smooth,
Crunch and crack beneath your feet.
Gaze up at the leaves, their green color gone,
To be replaced with colors similar to the dawning of the sun.
Feel the wind, no more a warm breeze,
But a cool suggestion of what it once was.
Think back to the budding roses that had still yet to bloom,
As the young deer fawns still maintained their snowy spots.
But now, the pink petals have fallen, to curl and brown with the grass,
The fawns have matured, their antlers tall and majestic, ready to be called to battle
The signals are clear as the cool stream that will be turing to ice,
Spring, has fallen away, only to come again, when the time is right

This will certify that the above work is completely original.

Shafer Emma Katherine Ross

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