Little Do You Know...

January 12, 2008
By Melissa Espinoza, San Antonio, TX

It's two o'clock in the morning
And I lie awake in the pitch darkness of the night
Memories of you flood my mind
And blind my sight

My feelings for you
Were more than the words I spoke
More than any feeling I ever felt
Or any poem I may have wrote

It was something much more than that
You were the world to me
My love for you was divine
Unfortunately, that was something you could never see

Just being around you
I couldn't breath
Hearing your voice say my name
Made my heart skip a beat

Feeling your touch, your hand in mine
I felt as if I could just fly away
Knowing your feelings were the same as mine
Was why I looked forward to the next day

I guess you will never know
How much you truly meant to me
Maybe she will show you better
And together forever y'all will be

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