once so young

May 28, 2011
once so blind
and so young
with my wrist bind
i will write
write about who i am
and who i was
soon to be will become
my mistakes in life are about to turn
so young once upon a time
i remember
about a girl and her crown all together
it was then i wrote my first book
at the age of 5.
an once u have a look
you'll find
how i changed and who i am
the story is only about to begin
i have always written
but i have given
my stories to the bin
all because of my opinion
i always wanted to write something exotic
something no one has written
kind of like those catchy songs u hear on the radio
not everything is perfect at first
and not everything will be fine
because of this poem i have to make
never been good at writing bout myself
and sometimes it'll be
that weh the day breaks
and the nite creeps
i'll write about a girl with a dream
never been good at writing
but always wanted to shoot for the stars
to be the best editor of them all
i have lived
and i have learned
my mistakes are my journey

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