The Day My Heart was Destroyed

May 27, 2011
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I feel a pain,
A sharp flashing pain.
That pierces me to the core,
I crash to the floor.
I feel tears fly,
Everyone just walks by.

I try to get up,
I reach for a cup.
As a cup of tea,
Would help my sore knee.
As tears cloud my eyes,
While my heart dies.

Stinging hot tears run down my face,
Like it’s a race.
As I stuff my face into a pillow,
I envision a weeping willow
It hurt to cry and the world disappeared,
As I had feared.

There was just me, agony, and nothingness,
Crammed into this place called a heart feeling spitefulness.
I fought and fought my way through,
Not sure what to do.
Flashes of memories clouded my mind,
As I still find.

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