December 7, 2007
By Rutu Shah, Congers, NY

My eyes avoiding others
To conceal the dusky red.
Walking to the deserted bathroom stealthily,
So no one sees me.

The pounding anxiety grows black steadily.
Seeing my refuge at the end of the corner,
I quicken my pace.

Hearing my pumping heart in my ears,
And hearing laughter in this indifferent world,
My walk turns into a run that seems eternal.
Beneath this shadowy lighthearted exterior,
I am feeble.

Caring no more about the world,
I burst into the abandoned bathroom.
A darkness creeps within me,
Entangled deeply inside.
A burden in my heart
Craves to come out.

Tears stream out of my eyes endlessly.
Constantly searching for God,
I wish for the misty tears to stop pouring.
But no one hears my desperate cries of help.
The tears burn the skin when they dry on my face.
Stealing my strength from me,

And yet I continue to cry.
I look in the mirror:
The tear is the only shine left in me.

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