Ode to chocolate

May 26, 2011
By Anonymous

Ode to chocolate
When mixed with sugar you are so sweet.
You are such a tasty treat.

When heated with milk
I embrace you tight
You are a creamy delight

Your smooth mellow fire
Fills lovers hearts with desire
Rich a luscious passion
Brings the consumer out of depression

While alone you are bitter and mean.
But when accompanied with sugar or cream
You give us bliss and fill our dreams.

You are so colorful
In your many shades
From your darkest brown to your softest brown

You are of the finest of ingredients
‘Ah the cocoa beans
The creamy butter
The richest milk & sweetest sugar

You enhance all you touch
Cookies, cakes
Bars and brownies
Even pies & pastries

Oh February 14th
Your day to shine
From lovers desire
And first date smiles

Forget the other seven
You are the only wonder of the world

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