"Conqueror of the Dark"

May 26, 2011
By emresa1.3 BRONZE, Brighton, Michigan
emresa1.3 BRONZE, Brighton, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"Light can never hide, but darkness always will"

The water glistens with magnificence
Like a shining arm from God picking up a seashell
From the depths of the turquoise sea
Letting a human’s naked eye
Find the hidden negligible creatures
In the vast world around them
Dark fades into light
Within seconds of life given and taken

No one is concealed from God
Not even microscopic beings
Living in the pits of the deepest waters
He lets everyone, everything be seen
By the ray’s arms reaching to grab the mucky sand
At the gloomy, arctic floor of the ocean

Swimming into the beams of illumination
Feels like a soothing, warm bath
Awaiting for your sore soul
Washing away your petty worries
Welcoming you to a new world

Catches the reflection of fish’s scales
Revealing their flawless, slick beauty
Gliding past your luminous skin
Their transparent fins
Tickling your feet and arms

A wall of colors
Burst into your eyesight
Purples, yellows, pinks, and reds
Their tiny, hollow holes
Staring afar into the distance
Right through your opaque body
Your fingertips brush
Their spongy, delicate surface
Against their budding offspring
And the old, wise coral bearers
Feeling the awe of the world’s gifts
God created for us individuals

Hides the wonders, colors
Our eyes can see
Wraps them in a bundle
Throwing it in its icy depths
Never to be found again
By the human’s naked eye
Only the negligible creatures
Which we don’t remark
Will swim around the wonders of justice
While we are lost in hopeless dreams
Of ever discovering it again

Dark covers Light
Only from trickery and lies
But light overpowers darkness
Only from its presence
Light can never lurk and hide
But darkness always will.

The author's comments:
The weak can always be the powerful.

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