Lovers that loved

December 6, 2007
Here's to the lovers that loved,
when all love has died.
And here's to the believers,
who should never have tried.

Life is hard to live,
when your world comes crashing down.
Often you find yourself,
praying on the ground.

Yes it is tough,
although this may be so.
But only you can decide,
which way you shall go.

You can whine, b****, and complain,
all day long.
Or you can pick yourself up,
and keep moving strong.

In love and war,
they say all is fair.
But you gave so much,
you have no more to spare.

One day you will realize,
after they're gone.
That they were what you wanted,
all along.

They were "The One",
if only that were so.
In the end they would hurt you,
too bad you didn't know.

But you will move on,
That's what I've learned.
You like someone else now,
My, the tables have turned.

There's something about her,
I just dont know.
But I'll give it some time,
Perhaps it will grow.

When I talk to her,
I feel all warm inside.
If she doesn't feel the same,
Well at least I know I tried.

I don't know her yet,
but I do know me well.
Don't know how she feels yet,
But only time will tell.

So here's to the believers,
I'm glad that you tried.
Because new love is born,
were old love has died.

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