The CIA is after me.

December 6, 2007
By Jeff Boyle, Littleton, CO

The CIA is after me.
They won't stop to drink some tea.
It's just like an epic war,
Of which nobody will shut the door.
Today I'm living in LA,
Tomorrow I'll be across the world in Bombay.
They have their guns, their bombs, and weapons of mass destruction,
All I have is enough supplies to start a small road construction.
CIA officials bread down my doors
All the while I'm trying to put on my droars.
A gunshot rings out, then there's silence.
I fire back. Only when I have to do I use violence.
I hop out the window and break into a sprint.
It was almost like my eyes were enjoying a nice mint.
I have a Lamborghini while they enjoy the luxuries of Cadillac.
I know its always them in the mirror, their cars are big and black.
I out run them every time,
Thats when i hear the doorbell chime.
A gas grenade on my porch goes off,
Distracts the feds, makes the cough.
Everyday I'm running, speeding and breaking the laws,
All I want is for all this to pause
I didn't really kill that guy,
He took my gun and said 'good bye'
He pulled the trigger while I stood,
I tried to stop him as best as i could.
The shot rang out,
I had no doubt
That he was dead,
Laying upon his bed.
Flashing lights had arrived.
I had no choice but to dive, into the swimming pool, just to survive.
I pull myself out and crawl into a bush.
Just lay there silently, dont say anything, just shoosh.
I had to wait all the way 'till dawn,
To leavethis house of my best friend Juan.
The cops gave upand turned the case over
The the CIA, when my life became over.
All this running, this cunning and slide of hand
Must end now, I gotta take a stand.
I put my hands up and lay on the ground.
To make sure its safe, they send a hound.
he sniffed and sniffed and sniffed around.
He gave a bark to signal nothing he found.
Hands behind my back, and handuffs on,
In the back of the squad car, I looked just like a con.
In the court room I sit and wait,
For the jury to decide my fate.
The verdict is in, I sit in cold sweat
It they say 'guilty', I'll have to bay a debt
For a crime I didnt commit.
And in a jail cell I will wrongly sit.
'The defendant' the judge quotes and lets a second pass
'Is not guilty' I let out a gasp.
Im free. Free at last
Living a normal life, free as can be,
No more CIA agents chasing after me.

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