School is Slow

December 6, 2007
By Jocelyn Tannenbaum, Congers, NY

Tock goes the clock
School goes by so slow.
Lunch is too fast
Study hall can’t last
and the day goes on an on.

Math, I can’t pass
English, with ease
in Earth Science lab, I catch some Z’s.
U.S is okay,
I’ll pass with an A.

Writers is early, I made some new friends.
Sam steals my coffee, but barely attends
Jason gets in trouble for wearing his hat
and than we get yelled at, for having a chat.

Earth Science is last; the longest period of the day
when the bell rings I try to get far away.
And now school is over, at last I can leave.
Until 7:30 tomorrow I am filled with relieve.

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