On Behalf Of my Heart

December 5, 2007
The Blood Reflects Off Of me
A Knife Pertrude From My Hand
As i Watch This Spill Of Sand
Bloodflows To my Christmas Tree

i Awaken From my Dream
Look In The Mirror Not To See me
i Fall Back Into The Past
Times Rewind And Here Once Again i find

They Walk Away Hands Engaged
my Tears Begin To Slip
Both Hands Go Up And Their Fingers Flip
Fall To my Knees

Glass Shatters
Shards Fall Unto my Chest
The Shards Aren't Out Yet In
my Head Spins

The World Runs Gray
Light Runs Away
Here i Am All alone
Cold As A Stone

my Arms Appear in my vision my feet too
i fall back
To The Ground
and there isnt a sound

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