Seuss' Day

May 14, 2011
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I look around,
And all I see,
Is Cambodia.
“Sau dee”

The tan sand flying up around me,
Khmer floats through my ears.
I see the children all alone.
Broken wood, a falling barrier
Straining to protect them.
It was a meeting by chance,
But fate knew best.

So different from my native land,
Nothing stays the same.
Overwhelmed by time so fast,
I hold on tight to a memory
That must last.

Like a child, I see the world
With new eyes.
The abandon, the poverty, the greed.
Holding hands with innocence,
My heart feels free.
Then my mind speaks to my soul,
I still have to leave.

Different lands,
I leave the Kingdom,
For the land of opportunity.
But deep down I wonder,
Is there opportunity there for me?
Perhaps that path is for a later date,
But what comforts me…I’m going back!

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