My Words

December 5, 2007
My words seemed rather little, my words rather still.
I've been missing a part of me the world couldn't fulfill.
I was empty, alone, cold bare, and numb. It was like I was missing someone. It seemed like there was no other way to get through.
My life started to collapse then I met you.
You changed my world by looking into your eyes.
In times of sorrow you managed to stop my cries, and comfort you through all of my hurt.
You told me not to worry when someone acted like a jerk.
You forgave me when I did something wrong, and when my life changed always kept me strong.
You turned my words into a poem and my life into fun. You helped me to get through and took away being numb. You took away the pain and kept my heart from being still
for it was you who took the place the world could not fulfill.

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