Ardor Eternal

December 5, 2007
By Emily Graham, Prospect, OH

Lay me on the stone
To feel the cold hard reality
Sink in and stab me
In places no one has seen before
Never before
And never again
Will you see these
Tears fall for you
So smile while they last
Cause they wont be here long
And neither will I
For the breezes of the sea
Call me home once more
Singing me lullabies
Healing my aching head
Feeling its way to my soul
Where only stars remain
Pinpricks of memory
As bright as the burning
Of one thousand love songs
Written just for me
On a rainy afternoon
By a misfit poet in black
And yes time slows
When the earth no longer
Seems to know
Those sunlit days
And twilight flavored skies
But I will find it again
In that treasure
I buried long ago
On an island named ardor eternal
Somewhere between
Here and there
Then and now
Where love letters land
Unopened in the X’s
Planned and perfect
To disappear in the waves
With my last words
Echoing to the heavens
I may be gone
But my heart still
Lives on.

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