The Score

December 4, 2007
Beauty thus become futher more down her path,
No more lies and deception she felt the lords wrath,
Time is consuming her and all she did was fall,
She plays her song slowly no one else hears it at all,
Addiction crossed infection within,
She lived her life among sin,
She lived a lie ,but she always lived,
She found her way as she out lived,
She fell in love as deep as can be,
Pure and to an adequate degree,
He stole her heart and loved her strong,
She always had him all along,
A life with out love is no life at all,
As she tries to stand ten toes tall,
Her future awaits promising she's sure,
No need for lust no need to allure,
She's where she wants to be in his arms forevermore,
Her lifes completed she finally got the score.

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