Fool's Paradise

December 4, 2007
By Rhiana Bible, La Mesa, CA

It started out as a dance
Then turned into a kiss
A kiss of passion
Of lust, of the night,
Of infatuation, of the moment,
But not a kiss of love.

You said that you loved me
You said that you would never hurt me.
You said that you wanted this to last
You lied
And I believed you.

I fell into a fools paradise
My vision blurred with kisses
My hearing hushed with wipsers
You haeld my hand
And kept it safe from all of the reality

Our last kiss was not one to be remembered
It was not epic, it was not sweet,
It was not romantic, it was not dramatic,
It was nothing but normal.
Our last kiss was nothing to be remembered.
But I remember
And remembering puts me to tears

You left me by myself
You put me in handcuffs and gave me the key.
You let go of my hand
You stopped whispering
You stopped kissing

I slowly sank back to reality
My vision no longer blurred by your kisses
My hearing no longer hushed by your whispers
My hand cold
And grasping reality

You led me to a fools Paradise
And left me there alone
I found my way out
Now I see the truth
You were the joker
I as your fool
I unlocked the handcuffs and gave you the key
Game over

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