December 4, 2007
By Kelli Lloyd, Sidney, OH

standing on this empty street

of what i use to fall back on

now theres nothing here

except old memories of what i use to keep so close

everyone around me moving on by

leaving without a sound

and im trapt standing here

itching to get out

i wanna scream out loud

all these emotions

maybe ill go out on a limb

close my eyes

and jump

an feel everything let loose

i needa get this burden off my chest

its been too long since ive felt alive

ive forgotten how to laugh

now standing here all alone on this empty street

watching the cars go by

the raing pouring on my skin

has opend my eyes to all my flaws

i needa take a break to reavaluate

get away for awhile

take a look at all the things i wanna change

maybe when i come back ill be ready

for this life

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