Why, Women are my Best Friends...

December 4, 2007
By Megan Maldonado, Congers, NY

Women are sensitive and understanding,
They too know what it feels like
To be stepped on by everyone else.
When you're crying they'll lend you a shoulder
And when your blissful they'll toast to your happiness.
They are not only your friends, but leaders, role models.
Demonstrating everything you strive to be in life.
They're sexy, confident, maternal
And believe or not intelligent.
They are admired in all their flaws and weaknesses.
They're catty, females that act like the world is theirs.
And only theirs.
They are never satisfied, they are always craving for more.
They use fake smiles to obtain everything they want and more.
They may seem smart at time but they often lack common sense.
But it doesn't matter because women are still my best friends.

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