February 9, 2008
By Heather allen, Hilton, NY

he said

"lets always stay together"

what a promise she was willing to keep
he charmed her
took her hand
gave her something to hold
he told her not to be scared anymore
he made sure nothing would ever hurt her
for that short period where they were actually happy
she believed all the sugar she was fed
nothing would change her mind then
she was so convinced god finally noticed
and gave her something right
he said

"lets always tell eachother everything"

what a promise she was willing to embody
her stories could go on forever, sometimes they did
she'd tell you the world, she'd give you the world.
her mother used to hit her
her father never cared
why is that so hard to say
maybe because the two people
who she needed the most
just weren't what she ordered.
now she has you
you told people
you told every last one of them
you take all she has
and shovel it out of the ground
like you're diggin' a grave
her grave
he said

"lets always beat the crowd that holds us down"

that was a promise she was willing to savor
she fought back, for once in her life
she took control of everything
her life
her friends
her future
she could go somewhere, he was coming.
though that wasn't the plan
he would leave her
he left everyone
she didn't know

"One day she saw the truth"

barried under the soft bedsheets of their own bed
the other woman was pretty
she told herself
prettier than herself, that's why
platinum blonde
faker tan than all of california
not actually better than she was
but from the outside
it was understandable.
she has boring features
and a normal sized chest
natural looking hair
and skin of a actual human tone.
she cried herself to sleep that night
not next to him though
for the first time in 4 years
she had finally
given up her promises
and decided to stand by
No one but herself

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