Hey Big Yellow

February 9, 2008
By Victoria Probert, Merrick, NY

Hey Big Yellow, pinned up in the fair blue,
Are you ready to listen, to the happiest of tunes?
You see our small feathered friends promised to all sing along
And my feet they are tapping, lungs filling with song.
Big Yellow, you smile? Let it last this while!
Dance with me as I sing, come off your throne, great king!
Young daisies turn their ear, with wonderment and sheer
Delight as they hear, this song I do sing.

Happy band, let us march! Voices open and loud!
Happy band, stand proud!
Big yellow with his laugh, keeping beat for our feet,
Left and right, left and right.
Flowers waltz with me! Bask in our dear Yellow,
Who swore he won't leave.
This day shall not end, feathered friends follow me
Down the street, happy feet
Will march till they fall
Giggling, singing as they do fall
And melt into the grass
With the waltzing daisies and amulets.

As the sway into the day, our eyes, they will close.
Oh happy band, we shall sleep
Amongst the flowers, our daisies.
Only sweet dreams shall we meet
Of sweet songs we will sing
On future days sure to come.
But for now, let us rest
For we've surely done our best
On this most glorious of days
Under the blazing Big Yellow
Our dearest great fellow.

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