I have a little secret

February 9, 2008
By Khadeejah Mohammed, Beaverton, OR

I have a little secret
But only you can know
It's something very important
So I'll have to keep it low

I'll say it to you very softly
So not even the walls could hear
But you have to listen carefully
To what I'll whisper in your ear

I'll say it to you very clearly
But not even the ghosts could see
The meaning of every word I say
That lies between you and me

I'll say it to you very closely
So not even the spirits could feel
My warm breath blow upon your cheeks
As I speak the words that heal

Three words of a million pictures
Three words I can't explain
Three words you have to hear yourself
Three words that can drive you insane

Three words that were made in my heart
Three words that my heart always sings
Three words I've been longing to tell you
Three words that can give us wings

Three words worth more than anything in the world
Three words that bring people together
Three words that can move mountains and change your life
Three words you'll remember forever

Three words that can make anything happen
Three words that made "us" and "we"
Three words that mean more than a diamond as big as the heavens
Three words that are priceless to me

Three words I can give to anybody
But this one's just for two
Three magical words I want you to say back to me
And the three words are "I love you"...

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