I am from, where I am from

February 8, 2008
I am from the bad act past
Where my fists were at full blast.
I am from the colors blue, black, gray and white, where all the colors
were very bright.

I am from bouncy-balls, play money, fake phones, real phones, toy cars, iPods, laptops, televisions, gameboys, basketballs, and footballs

I am from “listen to me’s,” “go a ways,” and “take care of each others.” I am from best friends, popularities, and being looked up to by others or looking up at others

I am from the sound of music
from my iPod, the smell of the steam from a hot shower, with the feeling
of anger, dread, and the happiness
of communication among family.

I am from climbing trees, jumping fences, and stealing berries from other’s yard. I am from goodbye dads, robberies, explosions next door, and the lost of my grandfather.

I am from, where I am from.
And where I am from I call it home.
Even if I am not there, it is still my home,
Because I am FROM there.

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