Destructive Forces

Destructive forces--
They are within our midst.
Thine heart's desires
Mean nothing anymore.
Do we really venture
Into the abyss of
Or do we go in the
Void of Light?

I am lost.
The memories which
We once had
Are now
Gone in the wind,
Are they.
Merrily running

The wind goes on,
As do memories.
As the wind flies by,
So does time.
Away with pain!
We go into the abyss
Of Darkness,
And we lose all

We move on
To better places.
The Void of Light
Is within our humanly
But as we reach into
The Light,
We only get pulled into
The Darkness.

Our own desires
Are the destructive forces
Of this menacing
We always want everything,
When all we should want
Is to reach the
Void of


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