Entice Me.

February 8, 2008
By Mitchell Misek, Cleburne, TX

So loud, gotta be so loud,
No point in living for tomorrow,
I don’t know Tomorrow,
I know today, though.

So attractive, gotta be so attractive,
No time for dress up, gotta be up
To speed, so fast, too fast, out of control,
But I like it that way though.

Lots of color, so much color,
Melancholy never comes from rainbows and
Hues golden, never fading, keep’s on going,
Gotta keep on going bad.

Lots of connecting, so much connecting,
Need to know you, have to fly
By the seat of your pants, give me
A good time, I need it bad.

Indulge me, please God, indulge me,
Pile it high so I can pile it
Low; take out for my take in,
God, I have to satisfy.

Loud, colorful, and hungry for life
I am, a trouble maker, wrecking crane,
Life-taker of boredom and order.
Put me up and I’ll pull me down.

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