Bustling cafe, hot in July

February 7, 2008
Bustling cafe, hot in July
office hustlers, painters, summer breakers
Rays penetrate, delightful scorching
while people go passing through

Simmering coffee shop, raked in October
people zipping windbreakers, waiting on coffee makers
leaves sigh slowly on down
everyone with broken blinders on

Slow motion bakery, covered in January
determined consumers and connoisseurs
wind biting flakes around
Fellows need the end of lonely

Bright new Inn, bursting with May
smiling honeymooners, vacationers, love-makers
Tulips blossom, come outside
People are alive for a time

Youthful boy, strapping with passion
shining to trust, touch, admire
clouds give way, empty sky
one lover's heart is mind

His eyes become puddles
rose lips gently parting
for what should have been love's confession
but only a breath pervades
as she walks away

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