February 7, 2008
By Elizabeth Rotticci, Modesto, CA

As the white crystals fall freely toward the snow
The world as I see it now appears to be glistening
The beauty around cant be explained, only viewed as precious diamonds
It is an expression of nature that calms my world
Although infinite snowflakes fall around me, my mind is engulfed in silence
The beauty of the snow kissed mountains could only have come from the angels

The presence of beauty surrounding me could have only been created by God, and His angels
As my warm hands were drawn out towards the flakes, I knew I could never keep the snow
As the wind around me whispers, my feet beneath me quiver as I am still engulfed in silence
The snow covered hills in the distance look of heaven, for their impression is glistening
Trees lightly woven with the morning brush of white, remain flawless in the world
As the sun peeks through the clouds, the shine is intensified by the reflection of diamonds

As the days and weeks pass by, the world keeps its flawless beauty of a diamond
The wind sings through the trees, like a choir of angels
I fall away in the presence of the snow and put my worries away from the world
My dreams are occupied as I lay awake in the present, making angels out of snow
I stood up to find my angel, and was pleased to see it was glistening
As I look for something I have never seen, I find myself standing alone in silence

I take a deep breath and feel the clean air refresh my body as I wait in silence
My heart beats continuously awaiting the feeling of passion, exquisitely carved as a diamond
Winter fills my heart with memories of my childhood, which leaves my eyes glistening
The only explanation for the beauty and tranquility of life is only given by the angels
My life as if today would sees to exist without the endless wonders of the world

I walked back to the log cabin, with smoke rising from the chimney into the exquisite world.
The absence of sound of lightly fallen snow underneath my shoes filled the walk with silence
I make my way down the long empty driveway layered with snow
As I reach the mudroom, I take my shoes off and glance once more at the presence of sparkling diamonds
My eyes caught sight of something dancing in the air; I knew it must have been the angels
There were snow angels, beautifully gliding through the white snow; glistening

As I look out the window into the world of brilliance, I see it slightly glistening
My life of love has yet to experience the true nature of the world
The fire pops and crackles with extensive warmth from the angels
I look out the windows again to brighten my eyes with the snow, but still I am engulfed with silence
The world as I see it is absolutely flawless, outside through the sky I see the perfectly cut diamonds
From the power of nature, the transformation of the land, I am still awe struck by the blanket of snow.

Watching the snow outside glistening
It shines like a polished emerald cut diamond throughout the world
With the day embraced in silence I clearly see dancing angels

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