Without Action There is No Change

February 7, 2008
By Ruth Bribiesca, Keene, TX

Church; known to be the place where you go to worship God,
Where you go to reveal your feelings toward your whole life,
Where you are supposed to feel a lot safer and calm,
But in the real today, churches are not the same.
They focus too much in getting money;
Money that the own congregation doesn’t even know where or to who it really goes to.
They focus in things that should be the last thing to worry about.
Like the appearance of others, or even gossip.
And God even taught us not to judge others, but yet they do it anyways.
It might be without thinking, but that is not setting an example at all.
Even though they all know better and the right way to behave,
Yet they don’t apply it themselves.
Sadly but truly; churches have always kept asking themselves why the congregations are getting smaller and smaller,
Why people just decide not to attend anymore,
Why people would rather stay at home.
And they have the answer right in front of them, but yet they do not see it.
They even have the power to change, yet they do not want to amend.
And we all know that without an action there is no a change.
So the fact here is if they really want to change for the better of everybody,
They can do it right away.
Or if they decide not to pay any attention to the real problem,
They are very welcome to do it,
But then should stop wondering the whys of real life.

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