February 7, 2008
By Ashley Anderson, Easley, SC

I'm dancing through this masqurade
a mask I wear, it hides my face
My eyes are something you can see
But my mask conceals their meaning.
yet underneath this mask of gold,
that hides just who I am,
I'm hoping you will recognize me.

In my dreams they turn and stare,
to see the girl in gold.
The girl's identity is concealed.
Though life goes on in the crowd,
one person standing in the middle,
is so enthrawled and all he wants is to know.
He is the only one who can unmask this masqurade.

In reality the search continues,
and this mask of gold conceals my face.
Maybe in the end Prince Charming will come,
But maybe it's all a dream.
Yet it is a dream I hold on to
A knight in shining armor to save me.
Until then, I am masked.

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