Tall and Proud

May 13, 2011
By ChicaWapa BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
ChicaWapa BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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Majestic Miranda laying in the grass,
Her imagination blocked by a sheet of glass.
Then she opens her eyes and breaks it,
She stares up and oh how the sky lit.

She gazed at the clouds fluffy and white,
Then one cloud a cloud turned into a plane set to take flight.
And yet another, but this one a whale,
Then soon came a ship with one torn sail.

Majestic and loud,
Tall and proud.
A severe storm was coming in,
For Majestic Miranda knew the ship would not win.

The captain shouted,"Look ahead!",
Oh yes that is what he said.
The crew fought back and the thunder roared,
they made sure not one man was bored.

Each one was tired from lack of sleep,
Soon the lightning warned them it would get steep.
Then the wind blew and none of them knew,
But it blew and blew, until the ship flew.

The men were frantic and screaming and crying,
But then they looked out and found they were flying.
First hovering over the water, then soaring high,
Soon they had reached the height of the sky.

Then as they flew,
The sky turned pale blue,
Then POOF went the white ship,
Once again next to the whale,
The crew now repairing the one torn sail.

Then Majestic Miranda tilted her head up,
There above the sail was a cute little pup.
And all around it lay polka dots,
And dishes with treats and cups and tea pots.

Then on inside is where she went,
And to her school she was sent.

On the bus she was pondering about,
The ship with one torn sail...

Majestic and loud,
Tall and proud.

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