Let it flip

February 6, 2008
My palms are sweating and my arms feel like spaghetti;
I think I might throw up.
My head feels lightheaded, but it might be the light.
I hope I don't die.
Oh, please Lord let me live.

I run on the blue floor
My legs galloping like a racehorse.
I go forward and suddenly end up upside down as my hands touch the floor.
Instantly I'm on my feet,
Oh I can feel my afternoon snack,
But wait it stays and I'm tumbling backwards.
Backwards to my hands then my feet,
And here comes the big one.

Up in the air I fly like a dolphin,
I feel so free,
My hands, and feet are airborne as nothing keeps me down.
Back to reality, and gravity brings me down.
I land on my feet and I'm motionless.
My palms don’t feel so wet anymore.

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