I Wanted To Tell You

February 6, 2008
By Marilyn Brandt, Andover, IL

if i trusted you again would me heart break worse than before
now that i said i was gone i guess i'm just back for more
all i wanted was the chance to see
i just wasn't good enough to be

the one you see above all the others
i tried all i could to get you to notice
but all you wanted was another of your lovers
so i'm walkin away and not looking back

if i see you tomorrow and you want me back
i won't even look at you
why would i and how could i
i was just something to play with

why should i even try anymore
its hard enough just to walk right through that door
when i knew you were there i just walked away
i wish i could make you hurt like you hurt me

i thought you liked me or at least could try
you just wanted to use me and leave me
i know you said you wouldn't but how can i believe you

i hope someday you see me and want me back
so i can walk away and leave you in the dust
i am better than you could ever have imagined
do you really think i would have settled for that

if two months from now when i see you again
i completly ignore you and just walk away
and just two more things
if that was all you wanted
why didn't just tell me in the beginning and
why wasn't i good enough for you

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