when I get there

February 5, 2008
By ashley tedeso, Bloomington-Normal, IL

I want to surround myself with unfamiliar faces
and talk about nonsense that they wont care enough about to try to comprehend. They will listen to me anyway because they won't know me
and it's rude to just ignore someone that is talking.
The more comfortable you are around someone,
the easier it is to absent-mindedly pass them off
without a single thought process involved.
They will nod their heads and I won't notice
because I will just be talking to hear the sound of my own voice.
I'm never going to sleep
and i'm going to spend every late night and early morning talking to people that probably don't want me around,
but are afraid too say so.
But I will seem more appealing than I am
when we're sleep deprived and empty-headed.

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