Her Story: Truth Be Told

May 10, 2011
By TSmitty247 GOLD, Saugus, Massachusetts
TSmitty247 GOLD, Saugus, Massachusetts
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How was your day? (I say to her0
It was bad (she said it with a frown on her face)
Tell me, I have the time. (I remark with care)
(with fake declaration she claims) Don't worry about it I will be fine.
(I respond with true care) Talk to your boyfriend he has always been there.
(To My surprise her response was not able to be kept inside) he is why I am so sad, the kid doesn't get me like he used to,
Hes been a loser for far too long
He promised me he would change for far too long
Two years has gone by, Never has and his track record shows he wont any time soon.

I respond and say
Take my hand
Lets pick you up
Relax and deep breaths
Wipe your tears away
Look into my eyes
As we clear your mind
Think of no thoughts
Just listen to my voice
As we start this ride

She answers with a look of depression
I am afraid to leave
He scares me to death
Two years together
How I created this love fest
Now you want me to destroy it all
I don't know if I can
You know make it on my own
Before him I was sad and suicidal
Him and I seemed so happy and glad
Where did it all go wrong
Its funny how some things aren't forever after all

I tell her
I am stretching out my hand
Let me take you away
Go on a journey
To the heavens up high
I promise you will see the world in a new light
Your fabrication of love has made you blind
The bad that has been has covered due to the inability of sight
Time to change it all and make it right

Indecisive she says
How can i go on with out him so
He is my angel
Even though of late
Our relationship is going down at a sharp angle
The girls make him fall to the floor
Each and every time my brain says pack your bags and go out the door
Is it possible for us to be drifting apart
I thought I would always have his heart
I truly do not know what to do

To Comfort I say
No longer will you fall
Your emotions are just a bit off the wall
But I will promise I will be there for the Good Times
And give the shoulder to cry on during the bad
In my heart you will truly shine
Just hold on hope let it past
Eventually the Universe corrects the Bad

The author's comments:
A story of the ending of one romance that lead to the start of an other

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on Jun. 16 2011 at 4:32 pm
brianna.e BRONZE, Salem, Massachusetts
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Smitty, you always write amazing things!

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