The Rookie vs. the Legend

May 18, 2011
Ten men on the court, all sweating and tired
The crowd on their feet roaring like lions in the Sahara
One team white, the other red
Two men both determined to win over the crowd
Only one man will get the satisfaction of the lions roaring
The other will just have to live with the shame of being embarrassed for the next few minutes

The rookie grabbed the ball; he was on fire that night and ready to take on anyone
Even the legend that had been in the game for many years
The legend heard the coach call his name and he was ready to shut down the Rookie
Like thunder the legend ran, but too slow because the rookie was lightning
The rookie gave him a little peek of the surprise
Then he exploded like a jack in the box and pulled up for two points
The legend was so shocked, that he broke his ankle
Just that fast the legend had lost all respect from his lions
And in the matter of a blink the student became the teacher

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