you're always on my mind

February 5, 2008
There we were,
sitting in your van while you blasted music
and oh, how small I was compared to the size of the seat.
That was the time after we drove to that nice lake
and we sat by the water
and listened to a strange man sing about Jesus
and I don't know if I believe in God and Heaven and Hell,
but he did and it sounded beautiful,
even though we giggled all night about it.
That night you put your arm around me and it made me uncomfortable at first, but more so when you let go,
so I clung to you instead as we watched the ducks
dipping their heads in the water,
comparing them to ourselves.
You picked me a flower even though it was really a weed
and it was beautiful but we stuck it in the rock
and carved our names next to it.
I hope someone saw it and imagined two people really in love,
even if that really wasn't us at all.

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